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I'm a videographer from New York who specializes in branded video content. Representing your brand's voice can take on many shapes and sizes and there's no better way to do that than with the limitless power of video. I treat every project as a living, breathing puzzle that is just waiting to be pieced together.

On a more personal level, one of my biggest passions is traveling with my camera to an unfamiliar place and capturing content that accurately represents my feeling of being there. I have been an educator on mobile photography techniques for over 8 years with Apple and have my degree in Film/Video.
Instructional Design is how I spend my time professionally. Having done training and onboarding with companies such as Apple, Vimeo and Splash, I'm very passionate about managing training environments and creating content that transforms information into a clear and digestible format. Being that person that sets you up for success at your job is something I take great pride in.   
I am highly motivated by experiencing new things. Always growing and challenging myself, both personally and professionally, is an addiction to me. Whatever time is left after all of the above I spend on drumming, rock climbing, and gaming.
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